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We've assembled a list of our residents' most frequently asked questions. Feel free to contact us if you questions aren't answered.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Ordinances and Resolutions

May I burn trash and leaves inside the city limits?
No, not at the current time due to dry conditions in our county.  Please contact city hall if you have any questions.

Is there a burn ban?  

Please contact city office at 936-687-2115.

Building Permits & Inspections

What is the process for getting a building permit?
Take a moment to read all required information provided. Then print and fill out the building permit application form and return to city hall.  Should you have any additional questions, please feel free to give us a call or send us an email.  We will be happy to help you.

Water Utilities

How could I have used this much water?
You may not have - the numbers on your meter may have been transposed or hard to read. You could possibly have a leaky toilet or faucet that's difficult to detect. Just call the office and we'll work with you to solve the problem.

My bill is past due can I get an extension?
Please contact our office and a one-time extension will be extended to you for extenuating circumstances.

What do I do if I am experiencing low pressure?
Check your meter and the surrounding area for possible leaks. Next, call our office and report low pressure for your area.

Why do I have a previous balance when I know I sent in my payment?
We may have received it after the due date or we may not have received it at all. Call our office and we will help you solve the problem.


Why is my water discolored?
A repair could have been completed recently allowing air to enter the line, causing the milky look.

New Resident Resources

Where do I go to vote?
All City elections are conducted by the City of Grapeland please visit the elections page for locations and upcoming election information.

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