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Parades and Activites

Claims Against the


Inspection Activites

National Electric Codes

Municipal Court

Delinquent Ad Valorem 

Establishing a Curfew

Restrictions of Certain Water Uses

Noise Regulations

Described Territory

Electric Delivery Company

Vehicle Removal

Hazard Mitigation Action Plan

Establishing Fee Schedules

Centerpoint Energy

Appointing Chief of Police

Sewer & Systems

Control & Impoundment of Domestic Animals

Incident Management 

Fire Marshall

5-8 Election

Taxation of Goods-In-Transit

Building Security Fund

Fire Limits

Annexatating Certain Properties

Operation of Clubs


11-6 Election

Waste Water & Water Rate Schedule

Undersigned Officers

Ordinance no 2002111122-A

Speeds of Vehicles

Operation of Golf Carts

Platting Of Land

Vicious Dogs

Regular Meeting

Regulating Vendors, Solicitors, etc


Industrial-Commercial Manufacturing

International Building Code

Petition By Land Owners

Prohibit Sale of Alcoholic Beverage

Utility Commission of Texas

Prohibit of Firearms

10-9 Meeting

Public Safety

Rules & Regulations for Sanitation

National Electrical Code

Alcohol Sales

Recording of Meeting

Block Grand Program

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